About Us

Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd strives to be a company that the suppliers, customers, employees and the society like to see it flourish. We adhere strongly to the following principles and responsibility of good corporate citizenship.



Manson respects and supports internationally proclaimed human right. Manson will not engage in any business activities that involve any abuse of fundamental human rights;

No Child labor, No Forced labor, No Discrimination or harassment in any form will be tolerated.


hours, Wages and benefits

Working hours, wages and mandated benefits must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Deductions from wages are not allowed to be used as means for disciplinary measure against workers.


of association

We believe in open communications with management in working conditions and the rights of workers to associate freely (in accordance with the local laws and regulations) without the fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment.


and safety

We keep a design safe manufacturing process, and maintain a healthy work environment in compliance with local laws and regulations. Precautionary measures that guard against accidents and occupational diseases controlled through design, engineering and preventative maintenance, safe work procedure, and training are carried out and reviewed to ensure adequate occupational safety.



We will take every possible and affordable step to recycle materials energy at every stage of our products' life cycle—from research, design, production and utilities used in the factory. Solar powered lighting, LED lighting, solar heating water supply, recycle burn in chambers are just a few examples.

We will make every effort to minimize and find appropriate methods to dispose of waste and contaminants that are produced through the use of our products within the local environmental regulations.

Product Content Restrictions; all products manufactured are compliant to the ROHS and REACH standards.


Minerals Declaration

Manson supports fully the aims and objectives of the 2010 Dodd- Frank Act on cutting out the use of Conflict Minerals. Manson will not knowingly purchase any Conflict Minerals from any source containing the Conflict Minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nearby countries in the region.

Manson has started a supply chain tracing report system with due diligence to make inquiries to the suppliers to undertake the same commitment in not using the Conflict Minerals.