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Contract Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of custom power supply for specific application and operating environment.

PCB design and layout department, graphic and screen-printing and artwork design section for custom products.

Design and manufacture of special power converters. Examples: power converters for sub-zero temperature operating condition, inverters with high frequency output AC.

Manufacture of "private label" power electronics products.

Manufacture of Battery chargers with programmable charging voltage for different types of Lead Acid battery.

Our well-fitted machine shop can handle special orders that require specific metal works.

License to manufacture UL class B transformers.


Metal fabricating and machine shop completed with :

Metal punching machine 60N to 600N

Auto and semi-auto transformer wire winding and weaving machines for wire diameters from 0.05 mm to 8 mm x 12 mm

EI-transformer laminating machine

Vacuum impregnation equipment for sealing of laminations and etc.

Lead Free Wave solder machine and automated lead cutting and wire production equipment

In Circuit Tester

Automatic Testing Equipment with logging

Salt Spray Chamber