Multi- Purpose DC-DC 3 Stage Charger with DC Converter and Battery Equalizer Mode.



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This MCU Control 40A, 24V to 12V Charger with 3 battery type selections and 2 user configured charging profile. In the Equalizer Mode, 12 V load can be tapped off from the 24V battery bank and keep both 12V batteries discharged equally. In the voltage reducer mode , the output is regulated at 13.8V. The Optional Remote Display Moudle shows, battery type, charging Stage, Voltage, Current and Protection activated at fault.

3 functions a. 3 stage dc-dc charger, b. regulated voltage reducer, c. battery equalizer .

3 battery type plus 2 user configure Absorption, Float Voltages & Absorption Times

Ignition control for power up unit only when car is switched on.

7 extensive protections for input/ output/ and high temperature.

Optional Remote Display to show battery type selected, all charging conditions and fault.