High Power 7 Stage Smart Charger with Power Supply Mode , Battery Check & Re-Condition Functions with LCD Display



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A 24V 13A software based MCU control 7 stage charger with selectable output power to cover 10 to 250 AH batteries . The LCD shows the charging status in graphic curve with voltage and current . There are 4 battery type selection charging profile plus a re-conditioning for wet type . It has extensive electronic protections with warning Icons in LCD display and alarm and thermo decrease of charging current make this charger durable even in hot and harsh condition. It can be switched to Power Supply Mode .It comes with double insulated charging cables with battery clamps that is mounted with temperature sensor .

MCU Control 7 Stage Charging

LCD to show charging stage , V and I.

4 Battery Types Selection and Re-conditioning for Wet

Adjustable charging max. current for 10 to 250 Ah battery

Extensive electronic protections with LCD display and Alarm

Charging Cable with clamp with built in temperature sensor.

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Max. Voltage
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