Advanced Multi-Stage Battery Chargers with MCU

HBC-3415 48V 15A


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This intelligent charger with Max 64V & 15A output is designed for both charging stand alone battery and battery hardwired to loads as in the caravan . It adjusts its charging profile according to battery type selected ,state of battery before and during charging to ensure a complete and safe charge . It will use energy saving and auto-refresh charge for infrequently used or dormant battery as monitored by the charger. The charger is loaded with check and protect features, thermal power reduction and construction passed the IEC-60068-2-6 vibration tests for caravan charger . It becomes a power supply when not connected to battery.

MCU control with 6 battery types selection & 2 user configure charging profiles.

Extensive Fail -Safe Protections

10% to 90% select output current to cover a wide range of battery capacity.

Thermal adjusted charging output for high ambient temperature operation

Supplied with remote battery sensor

Approvals : CE and IEC-60068-2-6 vibration test for caravan use.

Optimal Remote Control Panel for V, I , charge stage , fault and charging time displays.

Charger Remote Display Control Panel
The HBR-3100 is designed to use with HBC series battery chargers. It has display for charging stages , details of fault , total run time and output on-off and etc .