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This advanced auto-range (constant power) remote programming power supplies are multi-functional: A. as a normal power with extended voltage and current range B. as a ramp , step DC generator C. Remote programming via USB D. Analogue remote controlled E. 3 preset voltage and current limiting F. Remote sensing and universal AC input are standard.

One power supply covers the V, A limits of a few power supplies.

Adjustable upper voltage and current limit to ensure safe operation

Remote Programming via USB for cyclic operations of preset V, A and time.

Output On/Off switch and panel buttons lock

Universal AC input 90 to 264V, 50-60Hz.

Model Guide
SSP-8160 Constant Power Supply
Max. Output V Limits
Max. Output A Limits

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PC control software user manual R2 (Jan 2017) (For software version 2.9)

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SSP-8160/8162 Catalogue

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SSP-8160 8162 Catalogue 2013.pdf

SSP-8160/8162 User manual (Apr-2015)

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PC control software for SSP-8160 and SSP-8162

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SSP-8160 remote control


Labview driver for SSP-8160/8162/8320/8322

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SSP-8160_8162_8320_8322 Labview Driver.llb


Manson universal PC control software version 2.4 for Win7, Win8, Win 10. Supported power supply series : SDP-36XX, HCS, SSP-8XXX. Released on Apr-2016

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CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers Support for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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Manson universal PC control software version 2.9 for Win7, Win8, Win 10. Supported power supply series : SDP-36XX, HCS, SSP-8XXX, SSP-9XXX Released on Jan-2017

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Tablet PC becomes popular. MANSON thinks this will be a common platform for remote control console.
MANSON prepares an application in iPad/Android for Power Supply remote control and Digital Power Meter remote monitoring.
To enable MANSON USB ready devices to being managed in this platform, we use Raspberry Pi technology to make the connection happen.
You can connect Manson Power Supply and DPM with USB port to Raspberry Pi B+ model. Then they can be remotely controlled through TCP/IP network from iPad/Android.
To enable this feature, it just needs two things.
1. Driver to run in Raspberry Pi. It can be downloaded in this page
2. iPad or Android apps. Search Manson Power Supply in Google Play or App store.
Please follow instruction in file to configure driver in Raspberry Pi

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This is driver for connecting Manson device to Raspberry Pi through USB port.

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