Programmable Battery Isolator / Combiner / Protector (Obsolete)

SSB-2112 ( 12V, 100A), SSB-2212 ( 24V, 100A)


More Information

These all solid state programmable relays are designed to connect two batteries from a single charging source and separate the batteries to avoid the main (starting) battery discharges to the second battery at selected settings. There are 10 sets of disconnect and reconnect voltage for selection.

MCU controls with FET, no moving parts, all solid state, extremely low standby current and voltage drop.

10 pairs of disconnect and re-connect voltages to select covering most types of lead acid battery and the Lithium Fe Phosphate battery.

Intelligent self recoverable protections in Over temperature, Over voltage and Over current .

Wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +60°C

Emergency manual Over-ride to connect two batteries to supply extra power to boost the starting of your car.

Charge the second battery only when starting battery is full

When used with a single battery, it acts as a low voltage cut-out to keep the battery from being overdrawn.