24V Advanced Multi-Stage Battery Charger with MCU



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This economized version of the original HBC-3100 and HBC-3200 series has only one output terminal except for models HBC-1140 (12VDC 40A) and 1160 (12VDC 60A). The setting of battery type and max output power is either by an optional remote control panel or via a PC.

MCU control software based adaptive 5 stage charging for Wet, LiFePo4, Gel, AGM, Calcium–Calcium lead acid battery.

Selection of battery type & max. charging current either by optional remote panel or by PC.

Model HBC-1140 and 1160 have two isolated charging terminal with separate voltage detect and total current detect capability. All other models have only one charging terminal.

Optional remote control panel display of: voltage at each terminal, total current, Charging stage, total operation hours, max output set and fault type.

Extensive protection for charger and battery: over charging voltage, charger over temperature, battery over temperature, cooling fan malfunction.

Thermal decrease of charger output power to ensure safe operation temperature for the components in hot ambient environment.

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