Programmable DC-DC Converter w LED display & battery charger



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This DC converter is especially designed for voltage sensitive dc powered equipment as most dc converters have rather coarse analogue adjustable output with limited range and susceptible to voltage drop in long connectors and large loads . The digital control DC-DC Converter with adjustable output 12V - 15V in 0.2V step and remote sensing to supply specified regulated DC voltage to sensitive equipment . The smart energy saving 3 digit LED display shows: output voltage, current, operation modes and fault status when needed. It has a built in remote on off function which can either be manually on off or automatically synchronized with the Ignition Switch . An independent always- on output of 0.5A , 13.5V ideal for essential devices such as security /warning system in operation. This converter can be set to an effective 2 Stage charger with full rated output power to ensure fast complete charge of your secondary lead acid battery.

19 -36VDC Input with adjustable Output 12 to 15VDC in 0.2V step.

3 digit LED display for Current, Voltage, Operation Mode and Protection Diagnosis .

2 Stage full powered charger mode with 14.3V bulk and 13.6V float charge.

Remote Voltage Sensing for optimal powering of distant load or charging battery.

Remote control terminal auto On/Off with ignition control and other external manual on/off switch.

An independent always-on auxiliary output (0.5A, 13.5V) to power critical electronic device or the remote on off switch

8 fail- save protections of which 6 with diagnostic code at the LED display.

Input under voltage warning has remote alarm connection.

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