Lab.Grade CC Switching Mode 3 Presets & Analogue Remote Control



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This Lab. Grade switching mode power supply has 3 presets and analogue remote control for voltage , current and output on/off . Rotary encoder control coarse and fine tuning, and open circuit constant current limiting setting. Main binding pole output at the back and auxiliary at the front . Isolated ground and active PFC design. Over load , Over temperature, tracking Over Voltage Protection.

Rotary Encoder Control Knob with coarse & fine tuning

3 user defined V & I presets (recalls)

Analogue Remote Control of V, I and output on-off

High RFI immunity & excellent EMI

Isolated ground, Active PFC & high power efficiency

Intelligent fan control from zero to full speed

Over load, Over Temperature & Tracking Over Voltage protections

Model Guide
Output Voltage
1 – 16 V
1 – 32 V
1 – 60 V
Output Current
0 – 60 A
0 – 30 A
0 – 15 A

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Analogue Remote Control Wiring Diagram HCS POWER SUPPLY

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