USB Charge Station for iOS and Android based tablets and smartphone



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An 8 port USB Station Charger with display of current voltage and mAh for each port. You can monitor the charging current, voltage and the total that gone into your portables. Suitable for charging all types and brands of iOS and Android based smart-phones and tablets. All ports are able to auto detect and to adapt the optimal charging profile for iPhone, iPad and Android based portables. Smart power sharing of available charging power among the 8 ports such that unused power is constantly channeled to the power hungry ports. All 8 ports are capable of giving maximum 2Amp charging current. There are 4 priority ports that will always have the maximum 2Amp charging current. Built-in with smart power saving and minimum standby power technology that cuts your electricity bills and helps to reduce the carbon dioxide emission. Built-in with extensive protections to ensure safety and risk free use.

60W charging power with 8 ports each capable of 2Amp charging.

Suitable for all iPhone, iPad, Android based phones, tablets.

Display to show charging current, voltage, mAh of each port.

Smart power sharing among all ports and no available power is unused.

4 priority ports always with 2Amp available and 4 with flexible charging output.

This 8 port USB charger allows the discerning users to monitor the charging current, voltage and mAh of each port.

It automatically detects your charged portable and apply the optimal, fast and safe charge.

Once the battery is fully charged, the port will log out.

When all the ports are log out the whole charge station will be in standby mode with display off. Any effective draw of current from any one of the ports will wake up the charger.

The display can be set to scroll on the active ports.

For example if 1, 3, 5 ports are active then the display will show

current, voltage and mAh of port 1, port 3, port5 then port 1.. in that order. When any one port is fully charged, let say port 3, then display only shows data on port 1 and 5.

Furthermore user can freeze any active port to monitor the real time charging current, voltage and mAh.