Micro-Controlled based 4 Stage Battery Charger (OBSOLETE)

CPC-9140 (LED)


More Information

This series of 20A/40A charger is built for adaptive charging of specific battery type. There are 5 lead acid battery types and one Lithium FePO4 battery to select. The MCU constantly monitors battery status, charging voltage & current and temperature of charger to ensure proper charging, and fail save protections for battery & charger. A Remote Control Indicator is supplied with the 40Amp model CPC-9140. The two LED of the Remote synchronizes with the two LEDs on the charger. The module can also change the charging stage to either Float or Bulk in turn.

Micro-Processor Control (MCU) charging profiles specifically for 6 battery types.

4 Stage adaptive charging + Equalization + Auto Recycle

Power Supply Mode available at 13.8V output

Dual LED to indicate charging stage and output terminal voltage or battery voltage.

Supplied Remote Temperature Sensor for Battery to ensure precision charging and protection of battery from possible thermal runaway.

40 Amp model is supplied with a Remote Control Indicator