12V to 48V SMART STEP UP IN-CAR Charger



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A smart step up DC-DC charger user 12V input system to charge 48V battery in 3 stage. This step up charger provide convenience and reliable way to charger 48V battery in vehicles with 12V standard automotive battery system. It simplifies the wiring and setup for vehicles using 48V devices such as Telecom equipment or LED lighting system. There are 3 selectable charging profile designated for Lead/AGM/LiFePO4. The 3 stages charging ensure a complete full charge of your 48V auxiliary battery even at a distance from the starting battery as in trailer and caraven.

12V to 48V step up battery charger

Maximum 10A output

Selectable battery type between Lead, AGM, LiFePO4

Selectable 55.2V DC source mode

3 stage charge for Lead and AGM. 2 stages charge for LiFePO4

Soft-start when battery is deeply depleted

Automatic Ignition Control to stop charging from starting battery when ignition off

Low Voltage Cut Off Protection for staring battery as DC source.

Input Over Voltage protection

Wrong Polarity Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Overload Protection

Remote LED indicator Module

Support AVS-8025 vibration sensor

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SBC-4810 Catalogue

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