New NEP-Series Multi Output Linear Mode Laboratory Power Supply



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This new series of low power , low current , high precision laboratory grade analogue supply merges with the advanced MCU control and PC interface via USB and optional Ethernet is ideal for working & testing with digital electronics , mobile devices and other low power devices. . The large LED display shows the vital status & the two 4 digit voltage and current meters . The variable output has 1mV and 1mA resolution. There are 3 user defined presets in the responsive Touch -Feel screen. There are 3 isolated fixed voltage outputs and a main variable output with rotary encoder volumes . An output On-Off switch makes setting the output values safer and easier . It is bundled with the following programs , drivers, App and command sets

Remote programmable &waveform; generator via USB or optional Ethernet

3 user defined Presers with the Touch-Feel panel keys

3 isolated fixed outputs 3.3V/5V /12V @0.8A

One variable output :0.1V - 32V/0 - 3.5A by rotary encoder step decimal tuning-

Resolution : 10mV & 1mA with 4 digit displays [0.000]

Output On-Off switch

115V AC or 230V AC selectable

Smart cooling fan speed control from zero to full speed.

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NEP-8186 / 8323 Catalogue

1.53 MB


NEP-8186 / 8323 user manual

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PC control software user manual R1 (ST driver) (Jul 2018)

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This is the USB driver kit for KPS series and NEP-8XXX series power supplies

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Manson universal PC control software version 3.0 for Win7, Win8, Win 10. Supported power supply series : SDP-36XX, HCS, SSP-8XXX, SSP-9XXX, KPS-6XXX, NEP-8XXX Released on Sep-2017

38.60 MB