48V to 12V 20A Programable DC-DC converter with Battery Charger Function



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Very few Step Down DC converter is built with programmable control and LED display which shows voltage , current , operaion mode , and Error Code during protection. A MCU control DC converter with 3 digit LED display , user defined output voltage from 12V to 15V in 0.2V step and the remote voltage sensing designed for voltage sensitive devises .It can be programmed into to a 2 stage battery charger. Its remote control terminal allows for auto or manual On Off operation. It is bundled with remote alarm port for low input voltage (<42V) , 7 fail-save protection all self recoverable.

Digitally adjustable 0.2 V step of output voltage (12V-15V DC) makes it ideal for voltage sensitive devices.

2 stage Battery Charger mode with 14.3V Bulk and 13.6V Float charge.

3 digit LED display for Voltage, Current, Operation Mode and Protection/ Fault Diagnosis.

Remote Control Terminal for Manual or Automatic on/ off of output voltage.

Remote Voltage Sensing for optimal and accurate powering of distant load or charging battery.

Remote alarm terminal (12V, 0.25A) for powering external warning device when input is under 42V.

A separate always-on auxiliary output (12V, 0.5A) to power critical electronic devices such as security device or remote On Off manual switch.

Fail-save protection, with 7 self-recoverable and all with fault code on LED Display.

Thermostatic control cooling fan.

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