12V/24V 120Amp Programmable Battery Protector



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The unit is housed in a rugged, heavy aluminum die cast with IP-67 . It is 12V/24V selectable for 120 Amp continuous operation. The unique 7 segment 3 digit LED display with two sealed buttons for on site programming. It completely isolates the electrical & electronic loads from the battery and its dc sources. SSB-6113 is designed to prevent battery from over discharge and to protect battery powered devices from over voltage . This solid state (FET switch) battery protector with on site programmable MCU controlled functions will help protect vital equipment while still allowing you to make full use of your battery. The battery protector is capable to handle all demanding scenarios with the following features Fully programmable threshold voltages and delay times for Alert , Isolate ( Disconnect ) , Reconnect operations. The protector can be set to switch on with the ignition of vehicle or other dc source such as solar , wind power & etc. Manual on/off and over-ride are possible . The unit can be set with Normally Open or Normally Close making it a highly adaptive switch for all loading demands and various DC powered battery. There is a provision to trigger external remote alarm. There are comprehensive protections such as over voltage , under voltage , over load , unit over temperature & short circuit protections, all auto-recover except short circuit.

MCU controlled.

Selectable 12V/24V system.

Operating voltage range: 9-17V(12V system)/ 18-34V(24V system).

Continous Contact Current: 120Amp.

3-digits 7-segment display with 5 LEDs for function indication.

2 control buttons

Programmable threshold voltage and delay time ranges.

Selectable Ignition Control.

Selectable Normally Open and Normally CLose.

Current consumption in disconnect state: <30mA

Current consumption in connect state: <50mA

Manual over-ride for reconnect.

Remote alarm signal point.

Remote control module with LED indicators and manual over ride button.

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