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The new DPM-3332 is an upgrade version of previous DPM series. It enhanced with bundled USB connection, bidirectional current measurement and double of memory size. This model of DC Power Energy Meter combines the data adapter into the meter. It can be connected to PC through USB port directly to monitor and download data. In addition to USB, it can connected to device through Bluetooth (Bluetooth model only). It provides wire free data monitoring and download. The support of bidirectional current measurement reduces the complication on wiring and number of meter when in out current measure is needed. For example, battery charge and discharge case. Doubling the memory size extends the maximum total logging period to 90 hours which effectively log the data of long measure period. Besides the about upgrades. This model inherits all the advance features of previous model. It can measures the on site DC parameters of the supply source and load consumption of current, voltage, watt, and registers the max & min. voltage and current, watt hour, ampere hours and total run time since on line.

• Bidirectional current sensing.

• Build in USB port for connecting with PC

• Max. 1,800 sets of V&I with time and last set of scrolled display are stored.

• Max. 90 hours of recorded time when logging interval set to 180 sec.

• Constantly displays: Current, Voltage, Power & Scrolling.

• Data stored in the meter can be downloaded to PC through USB connection.

• Wireless data monitor and download (Blue model only).

• Unit can be mounted on supplied snap-on bracket or magnectically on iron surface.

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