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The AVS-5025 is designed for users who do not want to touch the car's electrical wiring in the setting up of the ignition control for the dc-dc charger & converter. This sensor detects any motion applying to it. It provides high signal output not less than 90Sec when any motion is detected. Otherwise, the output will keep at low signal output if it keep static. When ignition is off or vehicle is stationary it will switch off the charger or converter. AVS-5025 is designed for use with Manson models: DC-DC chargers SBC-5926/ 4810 and DC converters SDC-5330 / 5340/ 5360/ 5420.

No tampering of car's wiring system.

Only 3 wire connection to the DC device.

Applicable for 12V and 24V system.

Adjustable vibration sensitivity.

LED On indicator.

Compact size.

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