Triple Output Linear Mode with CC



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This linear mode power supply with tuning for output current and voltage has one main screw type output and 2 snap on outputs at 5V and 12V. Display meters are 3 digit LCD type . Power supply is fan cool. 0-30V, 0-10A, 1 main binding pole, 2 snap-on; 5V/0.5A &12V;/0.5A. Short Circuit CC tuning, fan cooling

One 0-30V adjustable output

One 5V 500mA snap-on output

One 12V 500mA snap-on output

Current limiting with Indicator

Adjustable current control

Overload and short circuit protection, Over temperature protection

Galvanized steel case

Poly-carbonate front panel

Housing are available in (Pantone warm grey 1C or Pantone 433C dark grey)

Thermostatic variable speed cooling fan (0 to full speed)