High Current ,Dual Output, Switching Mode Power Supply



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This 900W ( 60A, 1-15V) switching mode power supply has Main output at back and a 5A aux front output. It has wired remote on/off , voltage & current control and remote sense . 3 digit current & voltage meters , Constant Current Over-load Protection & Floating ground design.

Total max. continuous output current 60A (SPS-9600) / 30A (SPS-9602)

Main Output / Remote Sensing / Remote Control / terminals at the back

Front terminals 5A (SPS-9600) / 3A (SPS-9602) limiting.

(Precise Load Point Voltage)

Remote Sensing for remote point of regulation.

Remote control terminals for output voltage adjustment and *on/off*

29HR Count Down Timer (Optional) for Output ON/OFF

Floating Ground Design

Overload / Over0temperature / Short Circuit Protections

Constant Current mode with LED indicator prevents overloading

Variable speed thermally controlled fan

High RFI stability

Active power factor correction (P.F. >0.97)

Housing are available in Pantone warm grey 1C for Pantone 433C dark grey

Overload protection with constant current

Low Ripple & Noise

*Remote output on/off is an added function for production after Oct.2004*

Model Guide
SPS - 9600
Main Output Voltage
1 – 15V
1 – 30 V
Rated Output Current