Isolated DC Voltage Stabilizer Converter 27V, Switching Mode



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It feeds voltage sensitive electronic equipment continuously with a precisely regulated 27V over the entire range of the battery's usable voltage. Input 20 - 32V, Output: 13.5V - 27V, Max. 4A, 86% Efficiency, Convection Cool

Isolated Ground

Step up and Step down voltage conversion

Regulated stable clean dc power output

Input and Output galvanic isolation

Slim, compact, light aluminum casing

Dust and moisture proof construction

High efficiency switching mode design

Excellent line and load regulation

Low Ripple and Noise

High RFI Stability

Input under & over voltage protection

Short circuit and over load protection by constant current

Over temperature protection

Reverse polarity protection

Loss of earth protection

LED indicators of operation and fault status

E-Mark Approval

Model Guide
Input Voltage
10-16 V
20-32 V
Output Voltage
13.5 V
27.0 V