Car Power DC Adapter



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This car power adapter taps vehicle dc power from the cigar socket for most hand held electronics and smart phones because it has USB port and a 1500mA output . Input 11-30V, Output : Selectable 1.5/ 3 /4.5/6/7.5/9 and 12V , Max. 1.8A Input built with cigar plug , Output cable with 7 pieces of common adapters.

IC regulated switching mode DC converter

82% efficiency resulting cool running and less strain on car's electrical power source

11 - 30 VDC input voltages suitable for most truck and car

7 selectable regulated output voltages

Quality 1,500mA available for the full range of regulated output voltages

7 sets of detachable plugs (polarity reversible) suitable for most portables

LED power indicator