Car Power DC Adapter with digital control & LCD



More Information

This Car Power Adapter with LCD display has a low battery voltage cut off so no more power will be taken out from the car battery.No second guess of output selected and load consumption . The additional USB allow powering up all devices that takes power via USB. Input 11-30V, Output : Selectable 1.5/ 3 /4.5/6/7.5/9 and 12V , Max 3A & USB Display car battery voltage, output voltage and load . Low Battery Cut Off.

Microprocessor Control and Switching Mode designed

Universal input (12V and 24 V battery system) for car and lorry.

Large illuminated LCD display :

Accurately shows battery voltage, output voltage, relative load current

Digital selection of regulated wide output voltage from 1.5V to 12V.

(8 selections for 24V system and 7 selections for 12V system.)

Automatic low battery voltage cut-off to protect battery from over discharge.

Output over voltage cut off to protect voltage sensitive connected devices.

Choice of 5 user selectable back- light colors

Output short circuit and overload protection

High temperature protection

Input fuse protection