3 Stage Battery Chargers with Power Supply Mode



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This 10A 12 V , 3 stage high frequency charger has 3 sets Absorption ( Boost) charge voltage and 3 sets of Float charge voltage to cover various lead acid battery . It has a power supply mode . The 90% efficiency allows convection cooling so it is exceptionally quiet .it 4 LED for charging stage and fault and power on- off switch.

3 Stage (IUoU) switching mode lead acid battery charger

3 Battery Type (Wet/ Cal-Cal/ AGM & GEL) selections

3 Float Voltage Settings (13.2/ 13.5/ 13.8V) selections

Battery can be connected to charger permanently

Power Supply/ Charger Mode selection

The power supply mode is ideal to charge battery with load and keeps battery fully charged

Automatic Soft Start Bulk Charge to ensure a safe and gentle initial charging for deeply drained battery

Temperature compensation with optional remote sensor to prevent over and under charging battery at high and low ambient battery ambient temperature.

Dual LED indicators for Bulk, Absorption, Float charge stage; Fault, Power/ Charger Mode and Power On.

Power On-Off Switch

Silent fan cool operation -- The thermal control cooling fan with variable speed moves when ambient temperature of charger exceeds 40°C.

Protections to the charger Short circuit, OverLoad, Over temperature

Reversed Polarity (thermal fused)

Protection to the battery and load OVP -- The charger will keep output voltage less than 17.5V to prevent damage to the battery and load.

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